Game Grumps

Game Grumps

Game grumps is a comedy game show hosted by Arin Hanson and Dan Avidan. It is a game publisher and touring show. Game Grumps series created in 2012, and the series revolves around its host adding comedy commentary while playing video games.

But most importantly, a group of people is excited to create anything. So we are constantly working on new and exciting things, and we can’t wait for you to see the next step.

As of February 23, 2021, the number of subscribers to Game Grumps games has exceeded 5.39 million, and the total number of video views has surpassed 5.7 billion. Game Grumps also developed and released two of its video games,


  • Dream Daddy: A Daddy Dating Simulator
  • Soviet Jumping Game


And wrote young adult novels “Ghost Hunters Adventure Club” and “Grande Chateau.”

What is the format of game grumps?

An episode usually consists of two or more hosts playing video games, playing their reviews, experiences (and opinions) about the selected game, and related and unrelated discussions and stories from their lives.

The channel used to upload an average of two to three 10-minute episodes per day but later changed to upload 30-minute episodes per day.

Longer games usually result in an ongoing series that will continue to be broadcast until completion, unless it ends early to support the start of a new series. Sometimes, the host will participate in multiplayer games and compete as part of their Game Grumps VS series.

Although these episodes usually consist of two or more people, only Hanson or Avidan has some special episodes.

Co-Host of YouTube Series Game Grumps

Dan Avidan is a musician and comedian who joined the YouTube series Game Grumps in 2013. He brought a cold, positive atmosphere to the show and was often sent out uncontrollable laughter by the co-host Arin Hanson.

Avidan has loved “commentary” shows like Mystery Science Theatre 3000 since he was a child, so he is happy to join Game Grumps to hone his skills and realize his comedy dream. The show’s YouTube channel has more than 5.3 million subscribers. And features Ben Schwartz, Dan Harmon, Weird Al Yankovic, and Jamie ┬ĚLee Curtis (Jamie Lee Curtis), and other guests as a particular program.

Dan Avidan is also the co-host of several other shows on the Game Grumps platform, including Steam Train, Steam Rolled, Table Flip, and Grumpcade. In addition, he also provided commentary for “Hunting Monsters.”

His collaboration with Hanson also extended to music, as the two celebrities performed with Brian Wecht from the musical comedy group “Star Bomb.” In addition, the band composed and played video game-themed songs and produced three albums, including the first album of its eponymous album, which ranked No. 1 on Billboards.

Avidan also co-founded the band Ninja Sex Party with Wecht, inspired by the musical comedy acts “Flying Airplane” and “Lone Island.” Ninja Porn Party also released several studio albums and made their debut on Conan TV in 2018.

Comedy man and Co-host of Game Grumps

Arin Hanson is a cartoonist, comedian, and voice actor notorious for his “awesome” cartoon parody posted on and He thought it would be fun to do a comedy show, so Game Grumps happened.

Arin is the nominal “grumpy” of the game’s temper. He often feels unhappy under challenging games and gives his terrible views on the video game format rather than how to give him. He often performed stupid voices and failed in video games, causing his co-host, Dan Avidan, to almost fall off his chair and laugh at his misfortune, and Alin himself felt very proud.

Over the years, Alin has accidentally established many companies, such as Game Grumps and Real Good Touring, specializing in creating and visiting live performances for Internet creators. He is also one-third of the comedy band Starbomb, with Dan Avidan and Brian Wecht, who have sold out theaters across the country. Arin loves to travel, and honestly, it’s like a dream.


Game grumps controversy 2021

One of the presenters of the 42-year-old YouTube comedy channel Game Grumps, he is also the musician and lead singer of the Ninja Sex Party band.

An anonymous woman posted game grumps dan allegation on Reddit on March 21. The post spread quickly and allegedly contained screenshots of the text between Avidan and the underage woman on the exchange.

The post on subreddit r/rantGrumps also included a video of alleged Avidan, allegedly filmed in a hotel room in a hot tub in 2017. The so-called “essentially sexual” text between the gamer and the victim Screenshot of the conversation. It also showed a video of the defendant trying to be unlawfully explicit.

The woman said that she was 17 years old at the time. And Avidan was only 34 when she first contacted him in 2013.

She claimed that the textual conversation with Avidan became “sexy” once she was 18 years old and eventually “caused her to meet him backstage on the Game Grumps Live show where she had sex.” After this encounter, the woman said that Avidan stopped all contact with her. grumps ben controversy was previously embroiled over sexual misconduct in 2019. At that time, multiple clues to record allegations appeared online due to his former assistant Kati Schwartz in-game grumps performing a script called “Bad People,” Based on #MeToo, she moved her experience in the game to “re-gather the background.”

Schwartz posted to Instagram in October 2020 to discuss the HBO documentary. The Vow about NXIVM and its leader Keith Raniere and compare it with her own experience.

Famous game grumps allegations against Avidan; Schwartz also posted a message in her Instagram story: “Be clear: Dan Avidan is a dangerous person and a “predator.”



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