ffxiv fashion report

ffxiv fashion report

ffxiv fashion report community will help you solve ffxiv fashion reports this week.

If you recently started your Final Fantasy XIV journey, you may also be very confused about the Mandeville Golden Disc basics. The weekly ffxiv fashion report is one of the best ways to accumulate MGP, but it requires extra effort and research.


Fortunately, members of the FFXIV community are willing to conduct this research, so you don’t have to do this. Each fashion report requires players to assemble a look that matches the stablished theme.The theme is released every Tuesday at 1:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time / 4 AM Eastern Time / 9 AM British Summer Time. You can start from Friday at 1:00 AM Pacific Daylight Time / 4:00 AM Eastern Time / 9 AM British Summer Time Click to start judging your clothing. You can make four attempts to get a good judgment.


Players usually click on the FFXIV subreddit to exchange theories about the most influential clothing. User kaiyoko organizes the results into an image and selects the best equipment for judgment every Friday. There will usually be simple equipment that will earn you the 80 points needed to earn the basic MGP reward and a more challenging set of equipment to get the full 100 points.

FFXIV Fashion Report Community Spotlight:

Final Fantasy 14 introduced the fashion report in 2018 when it added masked roses and Kasumi to the gold disc. This mini-game challenges players to dress according to specific themes every week and promises to provide Mandeville gold disc points and boutique supplier rewards.


A new weekly theme will be launched every Tuesday. The masked rose will provide clues related to the outfit he wants. From Friday to the following theme change, players have four attempts to show their costumes to get a more significant score. The more it meets the requirements, the higher your score and the more MGP you will earn.


Unfortunately, finding clues is not always as easy as you think. This is why the FF14 community can help each other at any time. No one can do better than Kaiyoko Star. This fashion-savvy Miqo’te helped solve weekly challenges from the beginning. He initially participated in the competition to win a pair of spring pants for himself. Once your fashion report scores more than 600 points. It will also unlocked from Kasumi. The community’s response to his work encouraged him to continue to provide solutions to weekly fashion challenges.

Kaiyoko Star

Star’s weekly process starts with sharing topics and clues with his Discord channel. After checking the reusable prompts, he set out to find the essence of the solution.

Every week, testing and building infographics will naturally change Star’s game style,but creating reusable templates simplifies the process. Although this means he can return to a more regular game routine. Star explained that he feels the need to do more for the community.


For starters, the biggest problem with the Fashion Report mini-game is that it does not explain the breakdown. “Gold medals can confusing because sometimes it ranges from 6 to 9 plus points and players are confused as to why they didn’t get the highest score,” Star said.

Star admitted that his passion for fashion did not exceed Eorzea’s, “I like dressing up my Catwoman.” You can also find weekly fashion report solutions, keep up with Kiyoko Star through Twitter, and Twitch channels.

How to do Fashion Report ffxiv?

It would help if you went to Lewena (X:4.8 Y:6.1) in the Golden Disc to start your fashion journey. She provides the passion for fashion pursuit! After unlocking, you can now participate in the Fashion Report Contest and start unlocking exclusive items.


How does glamour work Ffxiv?

It allows the player to present various appearances, no matter what equipment they are wearing. The charm system can be used for all equipment with the same or lower equipment level as your current equipment. After using the charm prism, you can entrust the copied gear to your retainer.

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