FFXIV Fashion Report Guide

FFXIV Fashion Report Guide is the weekly “Final Fantasy XIV” event held by Mandeville Golden Disc.

FFXIV Fashion Report Guide


Firstly theme of this week is the visionary disabled. Every week, players can earn 10,000 MPG just by participating in the fashion report, but those who exceed and surpass the Impaired Visionary theme will earn an additional 50,000 MGP if they can earn 80 points or more. Next, This week’s theme is very simple, so even free trial players should be able to score 80 points and earn 60,000 MGP. Last, This is the complete guide to the FFXIV Fashion Report this week.

Final Fantasy XIV Fashion Report September

The topic of this week’s fashion report is a barrier to vision. These are the tips for each piece of clothing and the things that are useful for them:

FFXIV Fashion Report Guide

Head: 1 Eye is Better Than 2

  • Leather Eyepatch
  • Goatskin Leather Eyepatch
  • Skull Eyepatch
  • Dark Divinity Auga
  • Wyvernskin Eyepatch of Striking
  • Gryphonskin Eyepatch
  • Darklight Eyepatch of StrikingFFXIV Fashion Report Guide

Body: Skirts of a Feather FFXIV Fashion Report Guide

  • Bloodhempen Chestwrap of Healing
  • Bloodhempen Chestwrap of Casting
  • Prophet’s Chestwrap
  • Panegyrist’s Chestwrap
  • Ghost Barque Chestwrap of Maiming

Legs: A Sailor’s Life

  • Sailor Brais
  • Moonfire Trunks
  • Southern Seas Trunks

Jewelry: Jewels of Yellow

  • Sphene Ring
  • Heliodor Ring
  • Amber Ring
  • Wolf Amber Ring
  • Topaz Ring
  • Platinum Ring of Fending
  • Allagan Ring of Striking

If you only want 60,000 MGP, then you only need to get at least 80 points. Above If you have not earned 100 points, then you will unlock the title of Fashion Leader. Keep reading below to see simple 80-point and 100-point clothing.

80 Points FFXIV Fashion Report Guide

To get 80 points in the “Dangerous Visionary Fashion Report,” all you need is a leather eye patch and a can of Halatali Yellow dye. This is the simple 80-point equipment this week:

  • Leather eye mask
  • Any dyeable leg piece (Halatali yellow)

Yet, You can buy leather eye masks at Thal Steps in Uldah. Look for a supplier named Gwalter. But You can also create it as a tanner. You can also buy Halatali Yellow dye from a supplier named Nanabe in the Thal ladder. With this equipment, you should get 80 points from the Masked Rose. As always, before you show yourself to be judged, so make sure all your positions are filled.

100 Points FFXIV Fashion Report Guide

if you want to surpass and strive for 100 points this week, then you won’t have much time. Before¬† This is a simple 100-point outfit this week:

  • Leather Eyepatch (Soot Black)
  • Any Dyeable Body Piece (Wine Red)
  • Any Dyeable Hand Piece (Snow White)
  • Sailor Brais (Halatali Yellow)
  • Any Dyeable Feet Piece (Charcoal Grey)
  • Sphene Ring

FFXIV Fashion Report Guide

Indeed, Leather eye masks can be purchased at Gwalter on the Thal Steps in Uldah. Then You can also buy Sphene rings from Sileas while you are there. For Sailor Brais, if your Weaver is high enough, then you will have to use market boards or make them yourself.

 To Summarize

Finally, You must also be going to the market committee to get most of the dyes. blow Soot black dye, burgundy dye, and the snow-white dye will have to be purchased by the market committee. Therefore, you can buy Halatali Yellow dye.Charcoal Grey dye at the Thal Stairs in Nanabe, Uldah.

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