A Brief Description of the 6 Most Popular Tank Tops

A Brief Description of the 6 Most Popular Tank Tops


The summer months demand dresses like the 6 most popular tank tops to be on top of the wardrobe. These tops keep your arms and neck cool and provide just the right amount of body coverage needed. Popular ones like the blank tank tops can be partnered with jeans and jackets or even with your night pajamas.

In the US, any casual shirt is called a tank top or tank shirt. A fun fact about these tank tops is that they were not even considered wearable before the 1920s. After that phase, men and women gradually started to embrace dresses that were more revealing and comfortable for the summer days.

Today, these are more than just a staple summer dress. People consider these to be an interesting way to express themselves through their clothing. Definitely not the formal type; tank tops work as layering under something casually formal. And there are different tank tops today available in online stores. What’s the right one for you?


1. Basic White Tops

These are inhabitants of possibly every summer wardrobe. Made out of comfortable cotton material, these tank tops come with one of the two – regular straps or spaghetti ones. The length of these tops also varies as they can be both short and slightly long.

Most people buy these basic white blank tank tops to personalize them with unique floral prints or other designs. One can also use these to print logos of their favorite Marvel characters or maybe as merchandise for any sports team. Try wearing jeans, trousers, or joggers with these white tank tops to complete your overall look. For the winter, women can flaunt a blazer or jacket on top of these.

2. Athletic Tops

Even if one is fond of sporty tank tops, this should be the best pick, undoubtedly. These are popular among teens and young people, preferably. These tops fit tightly to the body and are perfect for those who are into sports. Women wearing these get full support as well as comfort while working out in the gym.

The best thing about these tank tops is that they are stretchable. So, tough workout sessions won’t make it problematic for those wearing these. The most preferred option for wearing these athletic tank tops is with shorts, trousers, or sweatpants.

3. Cut-Out Tops

These are highly fashionable tank tops with cuts and unique designs on the top, back, or sides. These tops are available in different designs and colors and hence are perfect for those who love customizing their tank tops. One can find these tops in plenty in any apparel store online.

One can wear these during gym workouts or running sessions like the athletic tank tops. However, you can pair these tops with cropped leggings and sports shoes.

4. Halter Tops

Halter tank tops come after the halter necks of these tank tops. The name signifies the halter found around a horse’s neck. These sleeveless tops have beautiful patterns on them, but one can also buy the blank ones. These tops have two straps that connect the bodice to your neck. One can customize these with Raglan patterns or other designs as per choice.

Halter tops are versatile tops and fit for party or casual wear. For women, these halter tank tops look perfect when paired with denim jeans. However, being a versatile dressing option, these tops also go flawlessly with shorts or skirts. And for the winter months, all you need is a fine leather jacket to wear on top of it.

5. Racerback Tops

Racerback tank tops are pretty famous for those searching for a funky design. These tops have a T-shaped strap instead of the regular straps. Also, these straps are located on the backside of the tank top. Like the athletic top and the cut-out one, these are also a good pick for fitness fanatics.

This tank top style is trendy among men with joggers or gym pants. Women, too, wear it on hot summer days with shorts, skirts, or even high-waist pants.

6. Sheer Tops

These are see-through tank tops and are highly trendy among those who love showing off their physique. Although these were primarily famous among women, they soon got relevance among men who prefer leaving a distinct style statement.

The best way to wear these sheer tank tops is with skinny jeans, shorts, or mini skirts. Once you get the right outfit for the right occasion, you can have the limelight on yourself.


Wrapping Up

Buying blank tank tops is the best option for men and women, regardless of which type they prefer. After all, blank tops provide one with the freedom of styling and designing whatever they like. It is, in a way, the best wear to flaunt this summer. So, which one’s your pick?

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