Drake software And Drake Software Support

Drake software

Drake software is one of the tax managing software. The drake enterprise has developed many drake software to manage tax efficiently that they offer.

Drake software offers:

Top-notch customer services and

Support for their users.

The Drake Main Souvenir says, “We think of it as the secret to our success – and yours”.

Drake Software APP:

Drake Tax app is designed by drake. Many tax managing professionals recommend software. Indeed, they are famous for their top-notch customer service and support.

Tax system control solution created to assist tax professionals to examine various tax years, approximate refund costs, and formulate password-protected PDFs for returns. The policies enable administrators to double-check details or values in a manual box and automatically flag the change in the report. Companies can register several situations such as marital status and income to examine the effect on taxes. It also lets crews eSign online documents and restores clients’ data on diverse systems.

Best For

Tax professionals and corporations looking to file their returns

Drake software features

Drake software offers the following features that include:

  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Data Import/Export
  • Data Verification
  • Electronic Filing
  • Exception Notification
  • Scenario Planning
  • Tax Filing
  • The Tax Forms
  • Tax Planning

Drake software customer service

Drake software customer services include:

  1. fast engagement with customers:

You just have to wait just a few seconds to talk to a customer service representative. Our team of dedicated, on-site maintenance groups will immediately give you the solution you need. Spanish guide is also available.

  1. online resources for customers:

Support.DrakeSoftware.com – for product documentation, software updates, etc.

  • Knowledge Base – Regularly refreshed and improved with troubleshooting guidance and marketing plans and software matters, to the most advanced tax news. Managed by Drake employees.
  • State information – Knowledge of reject codes, e-file mandates, addresses, and e-filing information and guidance.
  • Viewable EF Database – Real-time standing of e-filed accounts. Declined and acquired results, notes that are prepared for printing, and added reports.
  • Broadcast email – news on Drake updates and happenings in the tax business.

Customer support Email:

Support@Drakesoftware.com – great for more complicated Software questions.

Support Hours

Dec 3 – April 19: Monday – Friday 8 am – 10 pm EST, Saturday 8 am – 6 pm EST

April 20 – Dec 1: Monday – Friday 8 am – 9 pm EST, Saturday 9 am – 5 pm EST

Drake Software Reviews

Here are some positive and also negative reviews on drake software:

Positive reviews

  1. LeAnn J.

“We are more profitable with Drake Tax”

Overall: We have been able to be much more efficient with Drake Tax and have been happy to get our profits up by reducing all of the costs of our other software.

Overall rating: 5/5

Ease of use: 5/5

Customer service: 5/5

Features: 4/5

Value for money:5/5

See full Review By Yourself. CLICK HERE.

  1. Debi C. 

“Drake is the best in the industry”

Overall: My experience with Drake has been great I have used their software for 2+ years now. I appreciate the values they stand for.

Overall rating: 5/5

Ease of use: 5/5

Customer service: 5/5

Features: 5/5

Value for money: 5/5

To See Full Review by yourself: click here

Negative reviews

  1. Greg N

“Company ignores functionality problems and does not timely fix systems when down”

Overall, It was good before the recent release of SecureFilePro but the company has miserably failed in its commitment to its customers and does not have the courtesy and commitment to address these real deficiencies in the functionality of their software.

Overall rating: 2/5

Ease of use: 3/5

Customer service: 1/5

Features: 2/5

Value for money:3/5

See full review by yourself. Click here

Drake enterprise also has taken over 104 contracts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are also some frequently asked questions related to the article software:

How much drake software cost?

Talking about prices, the software does not cost a lot. The software offers their whole power in our hand for just 330$/ year. Yes, drake also offers a 1-month trial.


Who uses drake?

Many tax professionals and companies use Drake software. Approximately, So more than 64,000 tax professionals nationwide use Drake. Each year, Drake processes more than 33 million federal and state accepted returns.

Not only that, the software is associated with 104 contracts related to tax management.

Can Drake software be purchased over the phone?

If you are fresh to Drake, you can purchase online on the drake website via your phone/computer/laptop, or stretch out the New Sale offer that is currently available and fax it to their sales department at (828) 369-9928 or call them at (800) 890-9500.

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