FFXIV: Fashion Report Friday – Week 187: Theme: Bedecked and Bejeweled

FFXIV: Fashion Report Friday – Week 187: Theme: Bedecked and Bejeweled

Hello. Welcome to the Fashion Report Friday. The weekly article series trying to get you the absolute possible from the fashion report minicamp. single time judging is available on a Friday for a fashion report minicamp in the gold salsa this is week 187. The theme is bedecked. Bejeweled this is quite a unique one because it’s all right side rather than any left side quite a different.
Take on fashion Report Friday the first clue. Then for your earring slot is a beautiful dreamer for your necklace Dravidian choker for your wrist slot. simply gorgeous for your right ring skirts of a feather. For your left ring simply gorgeous so without further ado let’s have a look at a 100 score. 80 with dies. The easiest 80 possible of the week almighty for a 100 score then wow it looks really weird looking at things on

Lakshmi’s earring of slaying

The right side is only for the earring slot. I went for Lakshmi’s earring of slaying. this is the one that I had available because it’s the one that actually dropped from Lakshmi extreme. Otherwise known as emanation extreme a storm blood extreme trial you can actually obtain. any earring for this slot that you want to, of course, this will rely on you having the job for that alternatively. if you run this five times you can get totems every time. 

Totems for an earring of your choice

Totems for an earring of your choice which is probably. the preferred method of doing that guaranteeing yourself. that you only have to do that five times is incredibly easy to find a group. Set one up. A lot of people will be looking to try. Get the dog to mount it is a very easy fight as you can see I literally stud still this entire fight in one place. Just nuked it with my smoked. We had seven people in total here it
Really isn’t that bad I’ve seen people clear it with four or five people is like a good area. so if you’ve got like four friends in yourself then you’re pretty much good to go. but up the party, the finder is definitely your friend. unfortunately, there are no other alternatives for this slot. this week for the necklace then I went for the Dravidian choker of casting. this literally says Dravidian choker is the

Clue so it can be any Dravidian choker

Clue so it can be any Dravidian choker in the game so whatever clash. you’re going for however they are class unrestricted as you can see on the tooltip. it says all classes down there level 60 which means this locks this item to level 60. above characters, you’ll notice that the previous item was level 70 anyway. so you know we have to be at least level 70 now so betty basically goes into the ante tower it’s easiest to do unseen that.

Any Dravidian choker will do casting it

Basically, it’s from the second bronze chest you will find literally located here on the footage. Any Dravidian choker will do casting. it doesn’t matter they’re all unequipped on unroll specified so just get whatever you can get. then you’re done with that very easy it’ll take you like one run. unfortunately, there are no other alternatives to that slot either which kind of sucks for the third item.

The augmented shire pankration bracelets

This is for the bracelets I went for the augmented shire pankration bracelets. these are obviously obtainable with 280 poetics. You can get that in idol shire very easy to get as you can see on the screen. you just talk to the middle vendor in the idle shire or idle shower. Then click on the disciple of war two. Then you’ll find these are actually available to all classes in the game. so it’s not like these are restricted to warrior or you know a mage
Or whatever again level 60. Above is the only restriction which makes them a very good option. Alternatives do include the black willow armada of whatever you want which is a crafted item with a carpenter. As well as the camphor wood armada of whatever clash. you want which is also crafted with a carpenter both of those recipes on the side. there but honestly, I had a poetic spare.

280 poetics for something that’s usable by all classes is pretty good

280 poetics for something that’s usable by all classes is pretty good in my personal opinion. next then for the first ring which I must say is the left ring right. this is the right ring or a left ring oh man the first one skirts of a feather but yeah this is the right ring. sorry I get mixed up it’s the mood horn ring of slaying is what I went for basically any mood horn will work you
Can get these actually from vendor uracil in page. which is at the actual markets this will actually be from just that vendor. it’s fifteen thousand seven hundred. Forty-one gill which is not that expensive. You just need to get one for whatever class you’re playing based on the other items that you got earlier. That will give you gold rating alternatives to this slot then for

This slot includes the yeti fang rings of any job the griffin talon rings of any job.

the shire custodians ring that will also work for the slot. Apparently for 280 poetics but, I’d rather spend a bit of gill rather than just pulping it all into poetics. You might have a ton of poetics so you might want to go that direction for the left ring. The bottom ring it’s also known as the left.
The ring as you can see there with that tooltip it says. I for simply gorgeous. I went for the augmented shire pankration ring this again is from the same vendor in idle shy of a middle vendor. Will cost you guessed it 280 poetics to purchase levels level 60? Above on every single class in the game doesn’t matter what you are a very good option. personally, I don’t mind spending a few poetics to get

The drowned city of the scarlet dungeon for any job

These item alternatives. however, do include the bone wicker rings which are from swallows compass for any job. the scarlet rings from the drowned city of the scarlet dungeon for any job the silver grace rings of any job. which are crafted with a goldsmith the icon rings of any job. which are also crafted with a goldsmith or the eternity ring. if you have the wedding ring the eternity ring. that you get from the ceremony of eternal bonding with another player
That’s gives you a gold rating in the left ring slot. So that’s quite an easy one if you’re married in the game. That’s pretty much it for the 100 a very unusual week not your usual setup. yeah, it actually quite interesting. I quite like this one anyway let’s move on to the die options almighty for the die options. then for an easy 80 well you get 82 because of all of these it doesn’t matter what ring

We can go for the gunmetal black dye on our weapon

You’re actually equipping here. As you can see we can go for the gunmetal black dye on our weapon. The rust-red dye on our helm.The gunmetal black on our chest piece rust red on our hand’s gunmetal black on our legs. Then rust red on our feet now the rust-red isn’t so bad that’s actually. Fairly easy to obtain a die for just a nap vendor in alder or any other low-level city-state for
216 gill but the gunmetal black are going to set you back 500 sky builder scripts. A pot or you’re going to have to buy that from a market board so a bit of a strange one black red. I’m not sure that they’re having some fun with us this fashion report week. For sure aren’t they but that’s the die option. If you so wish to desire to go that direction. Let’s move on to the easiest 80 possible then okay so the easiest 80 possible.

For the Fashion Report Friday we have basically two dies.

One item equipped make sure to have something equipped in every single slot. Yet otherwise, this won’t work so for the two dies you guessed it pretty much. Rust red for any helm in the game rust red on any hands in the game combines. Those two combinations with the augmented shire pankration ring. Which is again obtainable with 280 poetics from idol shire. 

Have yourself an 80 score pretty much guaranteed it’s a pretty good

one this actually because it’s all classes in the entire game. Unfortunately, this does restrict it to level 60. But if we were to go for like the mud horn ring. For example, Which is for the other slot it would actually restrict it to level 62. So this is pretty much the best we can physically do for the easy 80 as far as I can tell.
So that’s just, unfortunately, how it is but yeah that’s that that is literally. how it is hoped this has been helpful in some way. yeah, it’s a strange week for a certain very strange week. Interested to see what they do in the following weeks. probably really easy one’s next week but this isn’t too hard. it’s just it’s different it’s very different especially to see.
This is on the right side but anyway much love enjoy the rest of your weekend. Thank you so much for watching this article. A link in the description will take you to the theory crafting section of re-edit in that thread. I’ll see you all next time bye.

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