Fashion Report FFXIV 2021

One of the critical elements of FFXIV to make players look back and attract new players is the variety of activities that can perform throughout the game. One of the features we are going to discuss today is the FFXIV fashion report. Before you start, you need to know some knowledge, so if you might be interested in it, please keep reading.

Fashion Report FFXIV

What is the Fashion Report FFXIV?

“Final Fantasy XIV” is a very famous massively multiplayer online role-playing game. This game was developed and released by Square Enix in 2010 for Microsoft Windows computers. The range of activities available in the game is one of the main components of FFXIV. It is the primary function that makes players look back and attracts new players. The FFXIV Fashion Report is one of the features of Final Fantasy XIV that we will discuss today. Before you begin, you need to know a few things. If this sounds like anything, please keep reading; you will be interested and help you.

When you visit the Golden Disc, your challenge is to create the best-themed ensemble. Not only that, but it will also encourage you to get the judge’s evaluation and exchange suggestions with others. It is a weekly content, and you can earn rewards by wearing the best clothes. It is the easiest way to display it.

What you mean by the term ‘FFXIV Fashion Report’?

When you go to Jindie, you will face challenges and strive to develop the best theme costumes. Not only that but you will also be invited to be judged and share suggestions with other competitors. The simplest way to express it is to use it as weekly content. Here, you can have the best clothes and win prizes. Every week in “Final Fantasy XIV”, Golden Disc will host “Fashion Report”. Participants can show their knowledge of fashion and glamour competition. Every Tuesday, Masked Rose will provide players with some tips to help them. To help them find the best outfit for the next week. The review cycle starts on Friday. Everyone can test their theoretical skills here and try to win big prizes!

How does it work?

Every week, Golden Disc hosts “Fashion Report.” It allows you to test all your knowledge about fashion. At the beginning of the week, you can use Masked Rose to receive reminders about assigned topics. It will be updated every Tuesday, approximately 8 pm Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).


If you do choose to participate, you will be judged on a scale from 1 to 100. The judging of the competition will take place at 8 pm GMT on Friday. If you want to challenge more than once, you have time to challenge up to four times a week. It can be done between Friday and Tuesday, so make sure to do it in time before choosing another theme.

If you are using Glamoured gear, it will be judged based on its Glamoured appearance. you want to trade items, please make sure you don’t equip them either. If you happen to be fitted with them when you are judged, they will be binding on you, so you will not have the opportunity to trade.

How can you participate in the FFXIV fashion report event?

If you are interested in finding the best outfits for related topics every week, participation will be straightforward. Remember the weekly time limit we discussed earlier, and then find “Masked Rose” on the golden disc. Then, you will be assigned the topic of “Fashion Report”. However, before starting, you need to reach level 15 and then unlock it to get the golden disc required to access the “Fashion Report”. Before you start, you also need to complete the task of “it may happen to you”.

Once this is done, you will learn more about the rewards you can receive, so let’s take a look at what you might get in return.

FFXIV Fashion Report Awards

Therefore, if you happen to participate in an event, you will receive different rewards. When you participate, you will receive 10,000 MGP. If you get a score of 80 or higher, you will get a 50,000 MGP. One of the more attractive rewards is that you can enter Kasumi’s boutique, which can participate in the challenge presented to you. In the boutique, you have the opportunity to get some unique items, so it is worth a try.

One thing to keep in mind is that you can only get prizes that you have won once a week and prizes that have scored more than 80 points. Therefore, even if you have the opportunity to be judged multiple times in a week, you can only get the reward once a week.

If you want to get the title of “Fashion Leader”, you can get it by earning 100 points. It will also give you 60,000 MGP bonuses and prestige.

Tips for getting a higher score

If you are looking for ways to earn 80 points and above, you will need to research. The reason is that the theme changes once a week, but thankfully, there are resources out there, and specific social media platforms (such as Reddit) can help you determine your needs for a particular week. It is also worth checking the official forum to see if there are tips on the weekly fashion report posted here. By participating in activities more than once a week, you can benefit yourself by further using your time to find tips that can significantly improve your score.


One thing to remember is to make sure that each slot is full. It would help if you then investigated your items’ fundamental value, which can increase by ensuring that you set the correct dyes for these slots. If you cannot color a particular item, it should already have the maximum value. If all places are full, then an effortless way to participate in the meeting is business as usual. It can get you up to 52 points, although this process can take several months to unlock all items, as they are awarded weekly.

In the end

FFXIV Fashion Report is undoubtedly a unique part of the game. Over time, it has become a phenomenon where all the players’ knowledge of fashion has flocked to the golden disc to show why they are most worthy of becoming a fashion leader.


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