Dig Dug game

Dig Dug Game


What is Dig dug?

Dig Dug was created by Namco. It is releasing in 1982 and almost became an instant hit.

Although Namco was been the company that produced Dig Dug.
Game developer Atari later acquired it. launched as a basic arcade game to the public, but it released its version for the PC,
standard video game systems, and Nintendo over time. After the initial release many sequels and derivative games release.
It wrote by Shouichi Fukatani and Toshio Sakai. He had participated in many of Namco’s early arcade games.
Namco describes it as a “strategic mining game”. Because it uses in defeating the enemy and used in its marketing.

Can you play the Dig Dug game online?

Dig Dug is an online game of the NES system. It will be available for play on from October 22, 2019.
So far, this browser version has been archiving as a museum artwork. It has received a rating of 4.21 out of 5 points, and 65 numbers have rated it. The game is a kind of action, adventure, shooting, up.

Dig Dug (NES):

You are using the NES emulator to play the classic Dig Dug game. This is one of the thousands of retro artworks on
This game is an index from public Internet resources and presented to you as a museum entity. If you like, classic games please enjoy this online version.

Main diversity of Dig Dug and Dig Dug 2:

The main difference is that the protagonist stays on the ground this time.
Taizo Hori retains its air pump, but it is now equipped with two distinctive features. Players can use dual-acting air pumps. To blow up enemies with air until they burst, then drill holes and create fault lines.
When enough faults and holes connect and cut off the whole part of the island, it will break and fall into the sea.

Mining tips:

  • Watch out for Fygars (green monsters).
  • Their fire can dig out DIG DUG from a distance and in the soil. Figures can only breathe fire.
  • If you blow up enemies at a lower depth, they will be more valuable.
  • If you drop two stones in each round, a vegetable will appear.
  • The more rounds you clear, the higher the value of the vegetables.

An easy way to download the Dig Dug game:

Suppose you want to install. For applications on your PC or Mac. You need to download and install a desktop application emulator for your computer.

You can use this application on your computer in 4 simple steps:

       1: Download the Android emulator for PC and Mac

Step 2: Install the emulator on your PC or Mac
Step 3: For PC-Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10
Now, open the Emulator request you have installed and give the impression of being for its search bar. When you find it, type Dig Dog!
 In the search bar, then press search. Click the Dig Dog! Application icon. Dig the dog’s window!
The Play Store or App Store will open and display the store in your emulator app. Now, press the install button, omit as if on an iPhone or Android device. Now we are all done.
 You will see an icon called “All Applications.”
 Click it, and it will take you to a page containing all installed applications.
 You should see the icon. Click it and begin using the application.

Step 4: For Mac OS

Use the steps of digging a dog! The Mac version is the same as the Windows version above. All you need to do is installing Nox Application Emulator or Bluestack on the Macintosh. The link is providing in the first step.


  • Pooka
  • Susumu Hori
  • Taizo Hori
  • Toby Masuyo
  • Dig dug (NES)

What is the point of dig dug?

You can use it to inflate the monster to the point of explosion.
 Also, rocks are scattering all over the earth, and you can use these rocks to squash them. If monsters do not find you within a few seconds, they will omit become ghosts and walk on the earth. They are invincible and cannot kill. Vegetables will appear from time to time in the middle, and you can get these through points.

Does Dig dug have an end?

In earlier versions, the game ended after the completion of the 256th round. There are no games on the screen. Instead, the game will reset to the beginning.

Where can I play dig dug?

Use 4 directions and a button to perform various techniques. It is including rock falling and “pumping and stalling”! The original and best “underground smash hit.

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