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Masked Carnivale for blue mage guide 2021

The Masked Carnivale is the exclusive battlefield of the blue mage in Final Fantasy XIV. Players fight against many enemies with unique advantages and disadvantages. Adjusting your blue wizard spells to the enemy’s weaknesses is the key to ensure you win. After completing the Masked Carnivale stage, you will receive Gil, the Allied Seal, the Stone of Arago, and the new blue wizard spell.

blue mage

Before delving into this content, you must first unlock the Masked Carnivale. This is much easier than the masked Carnivale, which can easily do in just three steps. Even after unlocking it, you might want to collect as many blue mage skills as possible.


Step One: Become a Blue Mage

To become a blue magician, you must reach level 50 in the combat course and complete the main mission, “Ultimate Weapon.” These are the only two requirements. After meeting them, head to Limsa Lominsa on the lower deck. An NPC named Zealous Yellowjacket will be at (X:9.9, Y:11). They will grant the first blue mage task named “Out of the Blue.”

blue mage


Step Two: Reach Level 50 in Blue Mage

Blue Mage only starts at level 1, and you need to reach level 50 to enter the Masked Carnivale. This will require a certain degree of polishing. Some players complete this work alone for others find that running around with other blue magicians is the fastest. It recommends learning the sticky tongue from any big frog enemy and uses it to speed up the break-in by attracting the enemy. Moreover, It is also good to have Chocobo as a helper in battle.


The recommended grinding area according to the level is:


  • Level 11-25: East Shroud
  • Size 25-33: Eastern La Noscea
  • Level 33-36: Upper La Noscea
  • Level 36-41: Coerthas
  • Size 41-45: East Shroud at Larkscall
  • Level 45-50: Western La Noscea at Skull Valley


When your level up, sure to complete every task that also appears on the road. These include:


  • Blue Leading the Blue (Level 1)
  • Blue Collar Work (Level 10)
  • Why They Call It the Blues (Level 20)
  • Scream Blue Murder (Level 30)
  • Blue Gold (Level 40)


Step Three: Complete the Real Folk Blues Quest

After completing the task and reaching level 50, proceed to the Thar steps in Ullah. At (X 25.5, Y: 13), there will be NPC Maudlin Latool Ja. He will issue the mission “True Folk Blues” required to unlock the carnival.

After that task is completed, talk to the Celestial Waiter. they will also be on the Thal Steps at (X: 11.4, Y: 13.2). After talking to them, you will unlock the Masked Carnivale!

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