Fiber Laser Marking Machine MT-F30 30W

Metal laser marking machine for fast and accurate marking of metals

The (лазерный маркер по металлу)MT-F30 metal laser marker is applicable for engraving and marking metals: brass, copper, aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel, titanium, non-ferrous metals. Also, the laser marker is capable of marking some non-metals: leather, PVC plastic, polycarbonate, etc.

The laser machine has an affordable price and optimal configuration, which allows engraving products up to 200 × 200mm in size. Maxfotonics 30W fiber optic ytterbite source has a long service life and allows accurate marking of metal products with a line thickness of 0.02mm and a depth of up to 0.5mm.

Laser markers are actively used in electronics, automotive and aircraft manufacturing, jewelry, watchmaking, and the advertising industry.

It is possible to equip a laser marker with a fiber-optic source of higher power 30W, 50W, and a working field size of 1500 × 150mm, 100 × 100mm. It is also possible to install a fiber source IPG (Germany) on the marker.

Fiber laser marker MT-F30 – country of origin China, the main advantage is the almost absence of consumables in the machine, associated with the use of ytterbium fiber laser emitter. Machine resource up to 80,000 operating hours. The laser marking machine is equipped with a lifting table: an interchangeable lens and a convenient system for positioning the product.

Fibre laser marker 30W:

  • Laser marker with MAX 30W source is most suitable for marking and engraving soft metals: copper, aluminium, brass
  • Allows for marking soft metals in black at high speed compared to a 20W source
  • There are no consumables: the emitter has a long service life of about 80,000 hours.

Main characteristics:

  • desktop version of the laser marker
  • the scanner stand is taken out separately, manual focus adjustment
  • fiber laser emitter made in China Maxfotonics 30W
  • closed optical system
  • air cooling
  • service life more than 80,000 hours
  • motherboard (controller) JCZ (China)
  • EZCad 2.9.4 software is compatible with CorelDraw and AutoCad
  • lens F = 290mm with a working area of ​​200 × 200mm
  • rotary device for engraving cylindrical products on request (option)
  • it is possible to install interchangeable lenses F = 160 mm and F = 253 mm

Basic complete set:

  • laser marker MT-F30
  • China Fiber Optic Source Maxfotonics 30W
  • lens F = 290mm with working area 200 × 200mm (optional 200 × 200mm)
  • scanning head D-10
  • emitter power 30W
  • work table size 500 × 500mm
  • foot pedal

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