Android 21

Android 21 is the main opponent of Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Introduced Dr. Gro’s ex-wife to have two possible origins: she was adapted into a robot, and the other is that she is a cell-like organism. She is revealed to be similar to a cell, composed of the DNA of many of the greatest warriors in the universe. Android 21 rebuilt Android 16 and used it to help him get the Namek Star Dragon Ball.

Android 21

Using them, she can resurrect classic villains such as Frieza, Ginyu Force, and Cell. She also found a way to control the robot, 17, and 18 and clone various Z warriors. She drew strength from her heroic clone and became stronger and stronger. Finally revealed that she wanted to resurrect all the villains to devour them and gain their power to make her stronger. But she slowly lost control of herself, and her Buu tendency made her more destructive and gave her an insatiable desire to consume and absorb others.

The female version of Majin Buu

Since the advent of Dragon Ball Fighter Z, many people have questioned who Android 21 is and why she looks like Majin Buu. The character design shown to us shows us her looks and dress. People initially thought she was a female version of Majin Buu or Little Buu and began to speculate whether she was based on innocent Majin or a vicious kid.Android 21

However, ambiguity always keeps this debate unfinished, and people are not sure. This list contains some standard features and differences between her and Majin Buu’s Android 21, so obviously, it is a spoiler for those who have not played FighterZ.

Overall storyline

There has always been a question about the degree of standardization of Dragon Ball derivative stories. Many of the older partner movies were ultimately considered non-classical because they got rid of the timeline and event flow in the core movie. In terms of the overall storyline, the event of Dragon Ball Fighter Z may occur between the sixth cosmic arc and the cosmic survival arc event in Dragon Ball Super.

To complicate matters, “Dragon Ball Fighter Z” actually has three plots, each looking at the battle against Android 21 from a different perspective. This leads to various events in each Saga. The hero warrior arc focuses on after she restores all the villains, Warrior Z lures Android 21 to the planet of Supreme Kai. The heroes made a concerted effort to defeat her and finally jointly created a massive explosion to destroy her.

How strong is Dragon Ball Fighter Z villain?

Designed by the creator of Dragon Ball, Akira Toriyama. This character has two duelings personalities-one good and the other evil-everyone vying for control. An insatiable hunger drives her robot body. This character is a formidable opponent and the ultimate boss of the game’s story mode. Z Fighters unite to destroy her forever. Considering how slim the final victory is, the evil Android 21 may be one of the most powerful enemies that Goku Black and his friends face.Android 21

With Dr. Gero as a scientist in the evil Red Ribbon Army, this woman will become Android 21. Gero has a son who follows her parents’ example and becomes a soldier in a criminal organization. After being killed, Gero and Android 21 designed Android 16 to imitate their late son but gave him a peaceful nature to better reflect his personality.

After vowing to avenge Wukong, who disbanded the Red Army, Gro transferred his mind to the body of Android 20. At the same time, began the process of transferring his wife’s mind to Android 21. Since he died at the hands of Android 17. Android 21 is completed by Gero’s supercomputer.

Is Android 21 stronger than Goku?

Robots are one of the biggest and most common threats in the entire Dragon Ball Legend. Although flesh and blood, magical powers. Even the enemies of the gods have raised their ugly heads. The enormous mechanical monsters constitute the largest piece of the evil pool.

Infinite power, near-immortality, great structural integrity, and cold disregard for human life are the hallmarks of this manufactured race. They cannot reason because a single goal will consume their entire lives. They will fight until the goal is achieved, no matter how many terrorist acts accompany it.

It’s time to look at the essence of these artificial enemies and rank them according to the effectiveness of their power. We picked from the original Dragon Ball, the action-packed Z, and some humble. Ones from GT and a series of video games.

Is android 21 a child

Android 21 explained to everyone that it is a highly complex biological Android system. Just made in the shape of an adult female with a high IQ that matches it. She may look like an adult. But 21 indicates that she is not even 10 years old and regrets it. Missing her childhood and the stress-free youth.

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