6 Tips to Make Your Body Paint Kit More Eco-Friendly

In the past couple of years I’ve been working on tiny adjustments to my kit of Body Paint Kit to improve my work and make it a bit greener. I’m looking forward to continuing to improve with this checklist, and continue reading to see if any of these suggestions will work for you! (For an overall list of my artwork, websites and other resources for supplies go to my Resources page or read my blog post on how I use the paints I use to paint my body.)

#1. Change to biodegradable glitter

It’s important to use cosmetic glitters in face and body painting (don’t apply craft glitter to your face since it typically contains sharp edges or even metal! ) Certain cosmetic glitter is classified as a micro-plastic. Microplastics are now a major pollution problem since they are absorbed into the oceans and rivers and are consumed by marine fish, as well as animals. To decrease the amount of microplastics I’ve sent out to the world I’ve made the change to biodegradable sparkles. Version 03/10/2021. I’m now offering customized biodegradable Iridescent gold or Iridescent silver mixtures on Etsy. If you require a particular color, I’m a certified affiliate of Today Glitter a certified supplier of Bio-Glitter.

Biodegradable glitter is created of biodegradable films that are produced from sustainable sources for instance, cellulose film derived from eucalyptus tree. It is completely stable on the shelf and its degradation process only begins in waste water, soil or compost where microorganisms are present. Bio glitter is ideal is suitable for water, dry as well as oil-based. There are bio glitters to choose from by different companies and I’m currently looking into options accessible from the US to cut down on shipping cost for the tiny amounts I’m using. Apply the sparkle using the Got2b Glued hair Gel as well as the gel of aloe vera.

#2. Make use of paper towels made from bamboo

Paper towels are usually required for keeping the application of body paint and makeup and cleaning up hygienic. I’ve changed to bamboo towels by Who Gives A Crap since bamboo is a far more eco-friendly resource than trees. I like the fact that the rolls from Who Gives a Crap are wrapped in paper and not plastic, and they give 50% of their profits to construct toilets for the homeless. (Speaking about toilets, If you test Their toilet papers, I would recommend the top-quality bamboo toilet paper over recycled paper. It’s a little less…errr…lint-y).


#3. Recycle cosmetics that are no longer needed at Credo Beauty

I always have a few essentials for makeup in my kit for body paint such as foundation, mascara, as well as lip gloss. I’ve been trying out several green and recyclable alternatives however for certain products I’ve not found the right combination (yet) of product longevity and environmentally sustainable packaging. In the meantime I reuse the old products for beauty from Credo Beauty. They’ll even take items that aren’t Credo’s, plus you earn reward points for each full-size item you bring into. Credo has partnered with TerraCycle, an environmentally-friendly recycling program, to help keep cosmetics out of our landfills. To recycle your cosmetics take them to your closest Credo shop.

#4. Cut cleaning cloths out of T-shirts

Some cleaning tasks don’t require the use of a paper towel. To wash off the paint from my airbrushes and stencils I use cleaning cloths I’ve created using T-shirts. Many of our clothes end being thrown away despite our best efforts to recycle them. I like the idea of giving old clothes another chance to use as a cleaning cloth. I recommend getting an excellent pair of shears for fabric (I own the mundial Cushion scissors and use them only on fabrics). It helps cut up clothes so much quicker.

#5. Reuse paint bottles and case

I prefer to recycle my paint containers first before recycling them. Recycling is an essential element of being environmentally friendly I always start by focusing on first the “Reuse” part of the “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” statement. The lids on paint cakes are ideal to hold the glitter and powder that is loose as I powder the entire body. After I’ve used all the paint that’s in the container, I wash them up and make use of them as dishes to mix Moreon Metallic Colors as well as the Mixing Liquid. If my ProAiir airbrush containers are full, I clean the bottles with alcohol 91%, and then keep these in the event that I have to mix a specific color or collaborate with a friend to share paint.

#6. Make use of cotton swabs and cardboard sticks

Cotton swabs are an additional accessory for applying sanitary makeup especially for applying glue or an eye-shadow touch-up. I search for ones made of paper sticks to ensure they can eventually degrade. If you’ve never seen that painful image of a seahorse snagging the cotton swab made of plastic it’s possible to check it out at National Geographic. It made me think about the necessity of the single-use plastics used in the cotton swabs.

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